Arun Kumar Saxena

Arun Kumar Saxena, a deaf and dumb mime artist was born on 1963 . He has already won a place in the heart of the lovers of pantomime. He has received recognition from different associations and organizations. He has performed mime at Deaf Association of India; Deaf Association, New Delhi; M.P. Telecom Circle, Bhopal; Deaf Association, Jaipur; Deaf Association, Mysore; The Deaf Way, Patna and in many other places.

  • Extraordinary Performance in the Cultural Field of Mime, by RPSM, BHEL, Bhopal.
  • Sanchar Doot Award from Govt. of India
  • Award for Mime performance given by SBI.
  • Award for mime performance given by Telecom Department of Basoda.
  • Award given by Mr. Mahavir Bhai, Honorable Governor of MP.
  • Sanchar Sree award given by M.P. Telecom Circle.

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